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Traveling with a caravan,

It promises you the opportunity to stay and explore in the comfort of your home, in touch with nature, with freedom and a different lifestyle.

Traveling with a caravan,

We know very well what to pay attention to when traveling with a caravan, because we are caravan travelers too. We design our caravans in line with the experiences we have gained during our trips. We equip our vehicle to provide you with every comfort. As a company that produces caravans, we also act as the sales representative of many caravan material suppliers in the market. You can get the insulation material, caravan toilet, boiler, space heater, solar panels and electricity generation system, battery, tap, stove, etc. that you will need from us.

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Duplex Caravan

Electric Pop-Up Ceiling Bed

- FMK Karavan's own production sunroof bed application is a completely automatic, motorized and extremely comfortable bed that can be opened and closed by pressing just 1 button.
- It is designed as a definitive solution to the problem of the 3rd and 4th person sleeping in caravans. It provides a very airy environment in the summer months, and with its winter module, leaving the top cover open allows you to sleep in it even on cold winter days thanks to the vehicle heater.


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